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Smooth, hair-free skin makes a woman beautiful. After depilation she is well-groomed and feels more confident. Both the woman and the partner enjoy the outcome. 

To reduce the discomfort of depilation, we use warm wax. Firstly we disinfect the area, and then cover it with the wax. Once the wax is applied, we cover it with a cloth strip (which is better than the paper, because it is more flexible and takes exactly the body’s shape) and press the strip firmly adhering it to the wax. With a fast move we then pull off the cloth removing the hair from the roots.

We end the procedure by calming down your skin with special serums and creams, which are anti-inflammatory and moisturise your skin as well as reduce the hair growth.



We have used Lina Kennedy’s six step sugaring technique for years. It guarantees cleaner and smoother skin for a longer period of time. First we apply sugar paste to the skin in the direction of hair growth. The sugar paste melts around the hair, making it more flexible. After that the sugar paste melts into hair follicle and grabs the hair root from the inside. Then we extract the hair in its natural direction of growth, thus preventing hair breakage. This technique allows us to extract the hair very delicately without damaging it.


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